Get to Know Us

Calvary exists to glorify God by:

  1. Loving God
  2. Loving Others
  3. and Serving Everyone.

We believe this happens primarily through Exaltation (the worship of God), Edification (the strengthening of faith), and Evangelism (the sharing of faith with others).

Calvary has existed for over 50 years in the beautiful township of Mount Laurel, New Jersey.  We are an independent, autonomous local fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ.  We have a great desire to see God work in us and through us as we yield ourselves to what God has to say about how we should live our lives.

What do I wear?

Most people dress however they feel most comfortable to come to church.  Some dress up a little bit, but most dress either casually or business casual.  We would encourage you that it really isn’t about what you’re wearing, but how you are preparing for worship.  Come ready to think, process, and change!

What should I bring?

Yourself!  And a Bible with your preferred translation.  From on stage Pastor Jeff uses the NASB (95 update), but people bring KJV, NIV, ESV, NKJV… There are a great variety of good translations out there.  Bring whichever you are most familiar with.  If you don’t have a Bible, don’t worry- we have Bibles right in our pews. (Yes, unfortunately we have pews!)

What time should I come?

We have two opportunities for ministry at our location on Sunday morning.  Our Adult Bible study begins at 9:30AM with a kids Sunday School in the lower level of our building during the same time.  Our service begins at 10:30am (for the whole family).  Halfway through the service, smaller children (usually 10 or under) will be dismissed to a kid’s worship experience downstairs.

Where do I go?

Probably for appearance’s sake (since the building faces Masonville-Centerton Road), the front of the building is actually located at the back of our church… Yeah… So, the parking lot is actually the back of the church, not the front.  Confused?  So are we!  So, when you arrive walk down the sidewalk along the left side of the building to the double doors.  We have a ramp for ease of access.  We are not terribly handicapped accessible, but we are trying.  If there is anything we can do to assist you, please let one of us know.  We’d be glad to assist.

What should I expect from a Sunday Worship Experience?

Our service to God attempts to be thoughtful and simple.  Our focus is on God, not us.  We try to have a blend of traditional hymns with contemporary choruses.  We have a talented Pianist and Pastor Jeff (attempts!) to play guitar and sing.  We have what we call “a chorus of the month” that we sing each week for a month.  We have a time to greet each other (where we would love to meet you!) and we have a time of corporate scripture reading, usually either complementing the text we will worship God with that morning or the actual text for that day.  We share in a time of corporate prayer, followed by a time for our people to offer their gifts to God (*we would encourage you as a visitor NOT to feel pressured to give- this is a time for our membership to give).  Then Pastor Jeff will deliver a sermon (expositionally) from God’s Word. This is a fancy term that basically means that he will draw the meaning FROM the text of scripture for that week.  We believe that God’s word needs to be clearly heard and understood and this is our best effort to do just that.  At the close of that message we usually have the opportunity to respond to God by singing another worship song.  Normally our services run from 10:30AM to 11:45AM.

Do you do anything else besides Sunday morning?

There are a lot of churches that have either Saturday night or Sunday night services.  We don’t.  We have chosen not to have a Sunday night service in the hopes that you will spend time with your family and friends on these nights.  We encourage people to take this opportunity to get to know one another and spend much needed reprieve from the week with family members in preparation for the coming week.

However, we also have a Wednesday night program for all ages.  There is an adult Bible study that meets on Wednesday night in the auditorium, plus there is a kids ministry program for all ages K-12th grade.  These programs all begin at 7PM.  If you show up at that time, anyone can direct you where to go.

We have other ministries, too! We try to update as much as possible, so check back to see the different opportunities we have.  During the summer we hold a free VBS program, we partner with Feeding 5,000 (, we have Luncheons and special ministry projects that we take on… Anyways, yes, check back.