Modern-Day Princess Experience

There is a lot to be said for the “rite of passage” ceremony. Think about it; our culture celebrates graduations, marriages, going off to college, even becoming twenty-one years of age. Certain traditions tend to follow each one of these life-experiences, but have you ever stopped to think about just how significant these events really are?

We are convinced that not enough people celebrate any real life rite of passage ceremonies, yet they can be so helpful to build character and empower people to live the lives God intended them to lead.

We have partnered with “The Modern Day Princess” experience to have any girls that are interested go through what we consider to be one of the most crucial rite of passages there is – with the most significant man in her life. Usually it is Dad, but it can be any primary male “father figure” in her life if Dad isn’t available or willing.

Imagine walking through an experience where all your questions about becoming a woman could be asked, with women who have “been there and done that”? Imagine learning about make-up and what to look for in a man who is worthy to marry? Imagine learning what it means to be “A Daughter of the King” and work on her personal spiritual life? ┬áThis unique 10 week experience addresses a variety of topics and covers a wide range of material in preparation for girls to transition from being “just girls” to “young ladies.”

All leading up to the coronation ceremony.

On this day, each girl is presented before their friends and family- and they all have a chance to prepare an encouraging message about her character and her life. Relatives can share stories of love and grace. And her father (or father figure) gets the chance to pledge himself before God and every witness at the ceremony that he will provide strength, comfort, and preparation for her along the way as she journeys to adulthood. Each girl is presented with a gift- tiaras, promise rings- the sentiment and importance of these displays of affection are both tangible and emotional for each girl.

Afterward, we have a luncheon of the girls’ favorite foods, surrounded by the love of each family and friend who attends.

Anyone who is interested is welcome to contact us to hear more information about what we are looking for from you as you consider either going through the experience for yourself, or you are considering it for one of the ladies in your life.

The pictures below are a few from our last princess coronation.